Where (& WHY) You Should Invest In Content: Take The Quiz

I get it.

Nobody wants more “content”. Literally no one. Not you. Not me. Not our inboxes. Not your organization.

But —stay with me here— everyone (and I mean everyyyyyone), wants the right information at the right times in order to make the best decisions. While nobody really wants air conditioning — they do want to be cool and comfortable in the summer. Where people don’t actually want a drill — they do want a hole in the wall so they can hang a family photo. With me?

This is the attitude and intention we need to take into our content strategies and content development. The question is NOT “what kind of content should we be making?”, the question should be “How can we best help our clients solve their most pressing issues?”.

Should You Invest in Content? Yes!

Your organization needs to be creating content. Full stop. Sorry not sorry. You need to be creating, publishing, and sharing content. And lots of it.


To deliver value to your audiences; to build your brand; to increase sales; to better support your staff; to build a tribe of enthusiastic customers; to deliver the best possible customer service; I could go on and on and on… (but I won’t, you’re welcome!).

Content really is king, whether you like it or not. The tricky part is, with such a huge need for content and soooo many places to invest, it can be hard for an organization to know what content is worth the $$$ and what content is a waste of time.

This is *literally* why I’m in business — to help amazing organizations approach content in a smart, strategic way that’s focused on tangible results. So, if you find yourself wondering:

  • Do we need to overhaul our company blog?
  • Are our white papers working?
  • Does it make sense to be on social media?
  • Should we be on Instagram?
  • Should we invest in a community manager?
  • Is our content actually helping our sales?
  • Should we be asking our staff to write blog posts?

Start here, with this 5-question quiz. It will help to identify where your organization should focus its content efforts.

Take This Short Quiz:

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