Nonprofit and for-purpose organizations—whether focused on clean water, clean energy, or cleaning up the streets—all have a story to tell. These organizations—your organization— works tirelessly to achieve your mission. And you need others to care. You need donors, volunteers, public support, governmental resources, geographic access, basically an entire stream of people to care about your cause because it’s

However, the game for nonprofits is changing.

Competition for dollars and time has never been more fierce. There is a waning social trust of charities which is driving the demand for absolute transparency.  The landscape of how and when and what people give is changing.

The answer?

Great storytelling. Robust and personal content that tells your story. Content that tells the story of why your cause is important, who and what you’re helping, how you’re doing it and the impact your actions are having.

Today, the most successful nonprofits are the best storytellers. The key to their success? Connecting key stakeholders with their mission. It’s all about creating authentic, personal one-to-one connections between your donors, volunteers, staff, and other key influencers. They want to see, hear, taste, and touch the work on the ground and in the community. They want to know and see where the money is going and how it’s being stewarded. They want to wear the t-shirt.

Guilt and shame advertising may work for a while, but no one wants to wear that t-shirt. Instead, visionary organizations are using content and social media to make major changes in the world.

Through the use of clear, credible, conscious content and social media nonprofits have an enormous opportunity to build a tribe of people who care deeply about their cause and invite them to participate in creating change.


  • You’re strapped for time
  • You don’t have the expertise
  • Your content strategy is non-existent or totally out-dated and you don’t know where to start
  • Your first forays into social media were a bust and now the organization is skeptical about an investment
  • You’re scared to say the wrong thing
  • Your audience “loves paper”
  • You just don’t know where to start

I get it. These are real concerns that need to be addressed and accounted for. However, the future is here and it’s digital. The good news is you don’t have to go it alone. If you’re willing to be strategic, you can have your cake and eat it too!

Imagine If…

  1. Your charity had thousands of engaged followers online
  2. Your donors, volunteers, sponsors, and board members were aware of, and educated on your mission, vision, and impact
  3. You actually had an organized, strategic, and sustainable content marketing plan to support your growth and fundraising goals
  4. You could collect data and insights on what your stakeholders want, need, and care about and had the ability to respond quickly and thoughtfully
  5. You could do all of this without adding any additional staff

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