Calling all health and wellness businesses. We get it. The idea of creating another new website is enough to send you over the edge. The idea of writing blog posts makes you want to pull out your hair. Social media is not something you’re particularly into nor is it something you want to learn a lot about.


Your online presence is important. It helps your target audience understand who you are and what you do. Perhaps more importantly, it helps them understand why you’re the best fit, the right place, or the best person to invest in.

It’s never been more important for you to communicate in a clear, compelling, and considerate way. And that means a thoughtful website, social media, trust-building content, and more. Yes, committing to these digital “things” are becominging increasingly non-negotiable if you want to really reach the hearts and minds (and wallets) of your community.

We Get It….

We’ve heard it all. All of the reasons why digital content isn’t for you and outsourced help isn’t really an option. We’ve heard:

  • You’ve hired agencies before and the experience has been less-than-zen. You’re not interested in another no results, no strategy, or no tangible help type of solution.
  • Health & wellness is a personal space. Healthcare and wellness providers can’t get away with writing “general content.” It’s not allowed, not helpful, and perhaps not ethical.
  • You’re not looking for traditional “customers” so your website doesn’t need to convert and sell.
  • You’ve tried social media before and it didn’t move the needle. In fact it was a waste of money.
  • No one other than a trained professional in this field could write content for us, it’s too specialized and nuanced for a ghostwriter.
  • We don’t have the time. Full stop. Content will just never be a priority for our busy team.

Wow, well when you put it like that, it does feel pretty pointless and overwhelming, doesn’t it?

But, good news. I’m here to tell you that you’re wrong. (Stay with me!) This isn’t true. You just haven’t met us yet. It’s time to flip the script on all-things digital because another reality exists. A reality where help is helpful. Content is strategic. Your website works for you. Marketing isn’t scary. Results are real.

Imagine If…

  1. Your website acted like a trust engine, helping people learn about what you do, who you are, and proving why they can trust you.
  2. There was a proven process that allowed you to have thought leadership content developed without ever having to write another blog post.
  3. Your website was updated; your social media posts were strategic and sustainable; and your monthly newsletter was onbrand and bringing in leads. Imagine if your content was planned in advance and all just seemed to happen, without requiring you to be in control and available 24/7.
  4. Your inquiries, sales, and customer engagement numbers started to improve without requiring you to pick up the phone or add another thing to your list.
  5. A collection of like minded people started to gather and contribute to your organization’s culture online and offline.

These goals are achievable with strategic content marketing.

If you’re not already using your website to attract, convert, and sell – today’s the day to get started. If you’re not using your social media presence to build awareness, trust, and community – what are you waiting for? If you’re spending your valuable time writing whitepapers and reports to secure funding or share progress with stakeholders, trust me when I tell you – we can do that for you.

Words matter. Context matters. Details matter. We get it.

Our experience in the health and wellness space will help you understand what to say (and not say), and how to capture, share, and measure the impact your content is having on the health of your business.

Discover How Content Can Help Strengthen The Very Core
of Your Health & Wellness Organization

That’s what we do. We help organizations like yours build awareness, gain trust, attract clients, and ultimately help Canadians live healthier, happier lives.

The process is simple:

We offer full service solutions that are rooted in strategy and custom-designed to help your organization thrive.

You can trust us to get it right: to tell your story; to optimize your communications; to build your community. You can’t afford to wait.

Contact us today to get started.

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