Bright Light Content helps uses the power of strategic storytelling to help organizations committed to creating positive social change achieve their goals


Because we believe we can change the world: one company, one person, one word at a time. We know words matter and we want to apply our gifts to your goals.

We want to help you help others.

Because if we’re gonna work this hard, it’s gotta be for a reason, and creating a kinder, cleaner, healthier world seems like reason enough.

How It Works

Whether you’re looking to increase engagement with your customers, expand your donor base, launch a new product, educate your staff or volunteers, spread your message, articulate your differentiators, or a dozen other business-critical (and mission-critical) issues, content is your key to success.

We can bring your brand to life by first pinpointing your organization’s key messages, organizing important ideas, and deconstructing complex processes – and then translating these imperatives into effective, engaging, and informative content.

We focus our efforts in these four areas:

  • Nonprofits & For-Purpose Organizations
  • Socially-Minded Startups
  • Health & Wellness Organizations
  • Thought Leaders & Paradigm Shifters

But we’ve been known to take on compelling clients from other domains, so drop us a line if you want to see if it could be a good fit!

Working Together

Our proven process makes it not only possible but, dare we say, EASY to tap into an organization’s knowledge and a thought leader’s expertise; collect source materials; and design content strategies, campaigns, and deliverables that are accurate and authentic—even in highly technical and nuanced realms.

We apply our proven process to create content in your voice, for your audience, destined for your custom-designed suite of digital platforms and amplification strategies.

Our Process

Working with us is easy. Here’s the roadmap:

  1. Strategy Planning
  2. First, we meet to unpack your organization’s goals and content needs. This initial conversation will lead to a well-documented discovery process and result in a highly valuable, highly tangible strategy plan.

  3. Content Creation
  4. We use our proven process to quickly and efficiently extract your organization’s stories, ideas, and thought leadership. Depending on the project, this may involve interviews, research, data collection, and curation methods. Then, we translate your knowledge into strategic content that’s tailor made for its digital destination and target audience.

    You have full control throughout a streamlined feedback and review process.

  5. Publishing – Platforms, Amplification & Engagement
  6. Next, we tell your story to the world. Whether through your website, social channels, LMS, SEM, guest posts, or digital advertising, we publish your content in the right places at the right times to maximize engagement and results.

  7. Measurement
  8. Every strategy plan has a clear measurement component, because every word matters, every dollar matters, and every person who sees your messaging matters. We’re all out here doing meaningful things, people! And measurement is the only sure way to know what’s working, what’s not, and how to continually be optimizing our shared success. Plan. Create. Share. Measure. Repeat. That’s the name of the game.

Our Team

Bright Light Content is made up of a small team of glass-half-full writers, designers and content strategists that believe in the power of words.

Our (nearly) fearless leader, Kristy Guthrie-Roth, is a content strategist with 10+ years’ experience in salesforce communications, online branding, content strategy, and eLearning curriculum design.

While Kristy acutely understands the power of communications and storytelling to drive results—having spent the last 10 years working with CEOs, marketing managers, and corporate trainers—she also understands the real world constraints and challenges facing most organizations around the globe.

A skilled interviewer, writer, and strategic mind, Kristy will expertly cut through the clutter and help you bring the true essence of your brand & messaging to life. You might even have some fun while we’re at it.

Ready To Go?

We’re always looking to help good people at great organizations achieve their goals through the power of words.

Does your company have a story to tell?

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