Your secret weapon.

Bright Light Content is a team of strategic creatives who can pull back the curtains, help you organize your thoughts and ideas, and put into place a high-performance, content-driven plan that’s designed to do something more than look cool.

We become a seamless part of your team, seeking to understand the why, what, and how behind your vision, goals, and industry. We value trusting, long-term relationships. We always speak the truth. We never ask you to write anything (honestly!).

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Our Team

Kristy Guthrie

Kristy Guthrie

Founder & Principal Strategist

Sarah Whyte

Sarah Whyte

Brand Strategist & Copywriter

Deanna Mann

Deanna Mann

Creative Director & Graphic Designer

Heather Campbell

Heather Campbell

Operations Specialist

Pat Fell

Pat Fell

Account Manager

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Our Story

Kristy Guthrie founded BLC in 2017. After nearly a decade working long days and late nights in agencies big and small, she woke up and said, “If I’m going to work this hard, it has to be for something that matters.” And so began the journey to find how she could best apply her time and talents to create a better world, from behind her laptop.

Kristy became embarrassingly obsessed with this idea: we can change the world with content. One person, one word, and one click at a time. Because words matter. She assembled a team of equally inspired, incredibly talented creatives and customer service aces who wanted the exact same thing: to do work that matters. Bright Light Content Inc. was born.

Together, the BLC team thinks, plans, whiteboards, researches, designs, writes, and jumps for joy. We facilitate, teach, email, and translate big ideas into exceptional online experiences. We dig deep, reach out, and look forward, working hard to help our clients achieve their goals with equal parts curiosity, strategic know-how, and creatively-charged care.



Curiosity runs through our veins. We want to know more about, well…everything!


We speak kindly, clearly, and honestly. We’re not here to pander, bluster, or beat around the bush.


It’s our business and our passion. We love words, design, and strategic storytelling. We love translating ideas into killer content.


It can feel like a tiny spark, calming breath, dizzying light show, or an obsessive up-till-3-am wormhole through the internet. Creativity: it fuels us, inspires us. It is who we are.


We care about our work, our clients, and the world around us. We care for ourselves and one another.


Did you have to look this one up? It’s a great C word that speaks to the heart of who we are: we’re cogitators – deep thinkers and strategic minds. We don’t get caught up in the sexy-sizzle. Strategy is our Ride or Die.

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Let’s Work Together.

Sound like we’re a good match? Let’s connect! We hereby challenge you to make the first move.

XO, Bright Light Content

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