Content Strategy & Planning

Whether you’re looking to overhaul your sales & marketing plan, reinvigorate your company’s blog, launch an internal eLearning program, or establish yourself as a thought leader, the best (really, the only) way to make great content is to start with a great plan.

A smart, strategic plan starts with answering these questions:

  • Why are you creating content?
  • What are the business goals you’re looking to support and achieve?
  • For whom are you creating content?
  • What do these people currently want, need, and believe?
  • What do you want these people to know, care, and do?

Whether you know the answers or not, we can help. Our Content Strategy Services include:

  • Establishing brand personality, voice & tone
  • Audience identification & research
  • Identification of key messages, themes, and topics
  • Detailed content recommendations
  • Content platform & distribution recommendations

If you’re tired of content that is flat and uninspired – this is a good place to start. If getting content created internally is near impossible – this is a good place to start. If you’re spending a lot of resources on content and not seeing any results – this is a great place to start.

Content Creation

Extracting thought leadership and turning it into business-building content is the name of the game. Our experienced team of strategists, writers, and designers work together to interview, research, write, edit and review high value content.

You talk, we bring your brand to life through content that educates, engages, and inspires action.

Content Deliverables include:

  • Blog posts and articles
  • Infographics & interactive content
  • Branded content & advertorials
  • eLearning lessons, quizzes & exams
  • eBooks & whitepapers
  • eMails, eNewsletters, and marketing communications
  • Social Media content & campaigns

Social Media Content

Ready to build your brand, expand your reach, and get connected to your customer base?

We create social media microcontent that is highly-relevant, highly-valuable, and hyper-targeted to your audience.

Our team of amazing writers, designers, and strategists quickly and affordably translate your brand story, key messages, and complex ideas into fun, effective social media posts that get your customers talking.

We offer:

  • Social media strategy
  • Channel branding & profile creation
  • Scripted posts & microcontent

Whether you’re just getting started and need help navigating the social waters, or you need an injection of fun, creative, and strategic content to queue, we can help bring your brand to life.

eLearning Content & Curriculum Design

Few things are as important as effectively onboarding, training, and developing your staff – especially if you’re looking to grow, scale, or evolve your business (which is all of us, isn’t it?!).

In our experience working with scores of business leaders and training managers, employee training is a constant source of pain. We often hear that:

  • Face-to-face training is ineffective, inefficient, and unsustainable for our growth
  • “Off the shelf” online training content isn’t specific enough to meet our needs
  • We thought we could create our own training content, but it’s proven to be too burdensome
  • Our training materials are boring, outdated, and don’t represent our company’s culture
  • We’ve lost touch with what our new employees even need to be learning

This is why we offer eLearning content.

We create smart, engaging, and effective learning content that actually teaches your employees what they need to know to be successful. The best part? Yes, we can create customized training content for a company as complex as yours. Yes, it will be fun and your employees will like learning again. No, it really won’t require too much of your time.

We’re the partner for you if you need:

  • eLearning strategy planning & curriculum design
  • Specific content recommendations
  • Knowledge capture – interviewing, researching, collecting, and organizing source materials
  • Multimedia eLearning content creation
  • eLearning quiz and exam development
  • Reformatting, updating or modernizing existing training materials
  • Ready-to-go eLearning courses & lessons on topics such as:
    • Wellness
    • Communication
    • Social Media For Business
    • Time Management
    • More!

Let’s Get Started

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